"professionals dedicated to saving lives and relieving suffering"


  • To help defray increasing operating costs, on December 1, 2009 Central Middlesex Volunteer Rescue Squad began billing for our services. Our partner in the billing process is Enhanced Management Services, Inc.
  • Our billing program covers daily operational costs such as: payroll, insurances, fuel and building utilities. 
  • Although we now bill for service, Middlesex County citizens do not incur out-of-pocket expenses and donations are still needed to cover things such as:training and certification costs and equipment purchases and updates.
  • If you have insurance, either commercial, Medicare, or Medicaid, you will not be charged for service. Middlesex County and the Town of Urbanna partially subsidize CMVRS operations. Therefore, you have already paid any applicable co-pay or deductible.
  • Insurance companies of non-residents to Middlesex County will be billed for our services and if there are additional amounts due after insurance, they will receive a personal invoice for our services.
  • If you are a Middlesex County resident and receive correspondence from Enhanced Management Services on behalf of the squad, please read it carefully.  They may be requesting information or signatures to finish billing your insurance.
  • If you are a Middlesex County Resident and received a bill for service in error, DO NOT pay it.  Instead, click the "Contact" link above and a squad representative will contact you directly to resolve the error.

To Contact Enhanced Management Services directly, call toll free:  1-800-369-7544.

To pay an outstanding bill click below.